Publicado: 23 noviembre, 2006 en LAS BIOGRAFIAS.

En esta ocasión les presento a una banda por demás creativa y con un buen concepto musical, escuchen las rolas y si tienen oportunidad compren el cd.

Enhorabuena Irineo, y las mejores cosechas de aquí en adelante.



The first songs of the band fired at 2003 after, I got sick about how can we live without music, since that moment I could not stop to perform and composed. Problematic boy inside school (dropped out more than 10 times) an others non –common situations for a young boy, I found the real way in my life . And the I decided to run a endless race to immortality and music is my way to tell the world, that immortal life exists I took seriously my new love in life (music) and I dreamt and believed that nothing is impossible, musicians and band promoters Didn’t see all the things in my mind “Dreamers exhaust us” some one said and its true but the race to the sun is a lonely way The first band that I formed was named “Proteuz” we recorded a few songs but we have bad experiences at studio and that depressed the band. We have received our first kick on the bolls, the money was spent, our dreams were hit , the boys got tired to fight and finally they abandoned the band . so I decided to work harder than ever to get my dreams. After several moths of learning and doing more things in music, Rocky Alsattis and me decided to founded “Alsattis” A band influenced in 60`s sound both parents lived the splendour and fall of sixties. We recorded 26 songs from more than 40 that we had and decided to do 2 records “IL Fenice” (phoenix) the next album will be “the beast” all ready recorded with 10 songs (out first months of 2007) Fenice, the light and the beast ,the dark of humanity The songs are biographic and they have a order in real life facts.  



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